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Tree nursery technology

The FOBRO Pick-Up system in tree nursery technology is a further development of the FOBRO Combine. Brought up to date but still simple and robust, remaining true to the successful formula.Plants such as asparagus roots are picked up very gently. At the top end of the pick-up collector, the pick-up tines retract via a specially controlled curve. In this way no crushing whatsoever can occur. Thanks to the slow gentle principle of operation, wear is extremely low.

Plants like, asparagus roots, are collected in a very gentle manner. The collection forks retract towards the upper end of the collection pick-up via a special control curve. This does not result in any violent pressure. Thanks to the slow and gentle mode of operation, the wear and tear is extremely low. A long-term investment that will also be cherished by your customers.

  1. Compact, stable construction
  2. For picking up all kinds of plants
  3. Working widths of 135 cm and 150 cm
  4. Hydraulic actuator
  5. High-altitude conveyance at a height of ca. 130 cm above the ground
  6. 2 people platforme

Product details

Working width: 135cm
Track width: 150cm
HP from/to: 90-140
Approx. weight: 500


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