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Fobro-Mobil D92

The innovative overhead frame concept combines on the one hand a truly free view of the cultivation equipment.

Thanks to the ingenious 3-point attachment system, existing equipment which today is pulled by tractors can mostly be attached without expensive modifications. The most important characteristics of the  FOBRO Mobil are the 100% unobstructed view of equipment between the axles, the high operating precision and the ergonomic TOP control by joystick etc. The attachment facilities at the front, in the space between the axles and at rear permit the desired equipment to be attached as required. Fewer manual operations, higher precision and quicker turning thanks to turning management optimise the economic efficiency.

Product details


Engine: 4-cylinder Deutz 68 kW / 92 HP
Traction drive: hydrostatic
Length: 4,900 mm
Width: 1,840 mm
Wheelbase: 3,150 mm
Centre space for attachments: 1,600 mm
Track width: 1,500 – 1,800 mm
Tare weight/permissible laden weight: 3,900 kg / 6,500 kg
Tyres: 9.5-R24/270-95-R44AS


Standard equipment

  • Overhead safety frame
  • Adjustable track width (150 to 180 mm)
  • Multi-function joystick with speed control
  • Continuously variable hydraulic drive from 0.2 to 30 km/h
  • Turn management
  • Power steering
  • Pre-prepared front and rear hydraulics
  • Diesel and fuel tank each with 50 ltr capacity
  • Hydraulics with three-point mounting in the space between the axles
  • cat. I+II with upper link 1500 kg
  • Acoustic insulation on the engine bonnet
  • Rear tyres 270/95 R44, front tyres 11.5/80-15,3 R14 AS
  • 1x double-acting hydraulic connection in the space between the axles
  • 1x double-acting oil engine connection at the front
  • 2x double-acting hydraulic connection at the rear
  • Electric switch from front and rear power sockets 12V (for a motorised drive, e.g. manure spreader)
  • Diesel fuel tank with 70 ltr. Capacity
  • Hydraulic reservoir with 125 ltr. Capacity (fan)
  • Ground clearance: 70 cm (fixed choice to 120 cm, hydraulic to 140 cm)
  • Cab with air conditioning or heating or sealed against ingress of chemicals
  • Weight: from 2500 kg, depending on options

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