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As the company Baertschi follows global trends in the field of agricultural processing, we have decided to introduce GPS devices as an additional option for our tractor Fobro-Mobile E22.

  • The electric FOBRO Mobil E22 from the Baertschi Group is an innovative top-frame electric vehicle with three-level attachment options. With a lightweight, high-strength aluminum frame, you get 100% visibility between the axles and precise joystick control.

    Thanks to the original 3-point mounting system, existing devices can also be attached in most cases without complicated modifications. Mounting devices at the front, in the space between the axles and at the rear allow you to secure the necessary equipment if necessary. At the same time the possibility of fastening in the between axles space according to category I + II is realized.


    The electric motor YP11-70H 72V 2,5kWh x 4 ensures reliable and productive operation of the machine. The 2 powerful accumulators installed in a basic complete set provide high-grade operation of the car for 4-6 hours. If it’s necessary, you can install a battery to increase the operating time up to 6-8 hours.

    As a separate option, there is the possibility of installing solar panels on the roof, which can further increase the life of this FOBRO Mobile electric vehicle and make it very versatile.


    This machine has the highest level of ergonomics. In particular, the multifunctional joystick integrated into the design allows you to control not only the speed of the car, but also the operation of auxiliary units. At the same time the car has 3 speed modes and the total speed of the stepless electric drive is adjustable in the range from 0.2 to 24 km/h.

    The machine has the possibility of additional installation of hydraulic devices that work successfully with a 40-liter tank for hydraulic fluids.


    The basic ground clearance is 65 cm, but can be increased at the request of the customer. In this case, front wheels with a dimension of 6.00-16 and rear wheels with a dimension of 8.3-24 AS are responsible for stability.


    Another notable feature is the ability to install an RTK system for field orientation and real-time position monitoring using a GNSS receiver. At the same time, it is optionally possible to install an automatic (unmanned) control system, landscape scanning, bed depth control, etc.

    Also worth mentioning is a separate 12 V socket through which you can connect a low-power motor drive, such as a fertilizer spreader.


    We are convinced that our ElectroFOBRO Mobil E22 can not only help you solve all your various tasks, but also achieve optimal cost efficiency in your company!

Product details


Engine: YP11-70H 72V 2.5kWh x 4
Travel drive: electric
Length: 3,340 mm
Width: 2,000 mm
Wheelbase: 2,190 mm
Centre space for attachments: 1,300 mm
Track width: 1,710 mm/1,730 mm
Tare weight/permissible laden weight: 950 kg /2,000 kg
Tyres: 6.00 – 16/ 8.3-24 AS


Standard configuration:

  • Multifunctional joystick with speed control 

  • Simple equipment management 

  • Stepless electric drive with speed control from 0.2 to 24 km/h, 3 drive modes available 

  • Electric drive of working cranes

  • Two electric batteries are installed, which provide work for 4-6 hours

  • It is possible to install an additional battery, the working time will increase to 6-8 hours

  • It is possible to install solar panels on the roof

  • Power steering 

  • Hydraulic tank with a volume of 40 liters 

  • Installation of additional hydraulic equipment is possible

  • Hydraulics with three-point fastening in the interaxial space cat. I+II with mech.

  • Built-in tool box

  • Rear wheels 8.3-24 AS, front 6.00-16

  • Connection socket for 12 V (for motorized drive, e.g. manure spreader)

  • It is possible to install RTK for field orientation and real-time position control using a GNSS receiver

  • It is possible to install a system of automatic (unmanned) control, landscape scanning, bed depth control, etc

  • Ground clearance: 65 cm (possible increase)

    (other values on request)

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