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The FOBRO row hoeing brush is the most important new development in mechanical weeding in the last 50 years. The proven hoeing system for vegetable farming, nursery gardens and for special agricultural applications. The tunnel protects the rotating brushes. The brushes are of wear-resistant material and are ideal for stony ground. Due to their flexibility the brushes can operate very close to the plants. This reduces the need for manual weeding and application of sprayed media to a minimum.

Produkt Details

Working width: 1,5 m – 2,7 m
Wheel track: adjustable
Weight (according row configuration): from 300 kg/660 lbs
HP required: from 20 HP
Diameter of Brush-Disc: 500 mm/20“
Plant protector tunnel clearance: 22 cm/5,5“
Tunnel width: 6,10,14 cm/2,3“,4“,5,5“
Minimum row spacing: 12 cm/ 4,7“
Power source: PTO 540 rpm or hydraulic


Ideal für

Einsatz von allen Sä- und Pflegegeräten im Beet- und Feldanbau.

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