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Tractor Fobro-Mobil B38

The innovative concept of an overhead frame enables a good view of work equipment.

In addition, the concept also enables mounting of the existing attachments onto the central axle without disassembly B38 (three-point disassembly).

The main features of the FOBRO Mobil are its 3000 kg net weight, the ergonomic, logical operation, the high precision operation, and the rotation control at the push of a button.

The front, central and axle mounting options allow you to position the desired attachments as required.
Less manual work and a higher precision optimize the cost-effectiveness.

Technical Data:


Motor: 3 Perkins cylinders 34 HP
Drive: Hydrostatic
Length: 3,200 mm
Width: 1,770 mm
Wheelbase: 2,250 mm
Attachment space in the middle: 1,400 mm
Track: 1,500 – 1,800 mm
Empty weight / Allowed Weight: 1,300 kg /2,100 kg
Tyres:  6.00 – 16/ 8.3-24 AS



Front, rear and central axle attachment
Various attachments can be mounted onto the front, rear and middle axles. (Standard central axle equipment)
Vertical cranes allow for short attachments, resulting in better visibility and more precise attachment control.

100% visibility
From the sitting position you have an unobstructed view of the work equipment and the crops you attend to.
The steering wheel can be adjusted in a way that is optimalfor the driver, i.e. it can be placed out of sight during operation.

A complex and multipurpose vehicle, perfect for tillage
Harvesting, brushing, harrowing and sprinkling implements up to 3m wide can be easily mounted onto the unit. With the addition of fertilizer spreaders, seeders, foil layers, harvesting platforms and a number of others, the Fobro Mobil B38 is the absolute all-round professional assistant for tending all types of crops.

Engine and performance
A powerful and economicthree-cylinder Perkins 34 HP dieselengine.
An all-round accessibility achieved by simply lifting the lid.
A worldwide service network and spare parts service.

The hydraulic system
Additional hydraulic connections for all cranes, a 2-speed drive.
An electric oil cooler combined with oil engine connections for additional drives.
The hydraulic drive locking for operation on extreme slopes.

Elements of comfort
Digital speed indicator.
Comfortable seat.
Weather protection.

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