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Tractor Fobro-Mobil d49

As the company Baertschi follows global trends in the field of agricultural processing, we have decided to introduce GPS devices as an additional option for our tractor Fobro-Mobile D49.

The D49 Tractor is perfect for cultivating the soil surface, especially when talking about inter-row treatment. Combating grass and weeds between rows without the use of the chemicals will be a very serious task for farmers around the world. Our company is looking at a little further future, therefore we are developing tools that will be of great help to us. The concept of precision agriculture.

The initial goal of precision agriculture is to increase proftability, increase yields by reducing input / output, while maintaining “good agricultural practice”. Although today the term “precise agriculture” is associated with certain new techniques used in the agricultural production process, the key is precise agriculture is, however, the information obtained during this production. It has been proven that producers who have a managerial approach during production, i.e. have access to more detailed information, they also make more profits. There are a number of new techniques that implement the principles of “precision agriculture”.
Following are just some of them:

1. Gateway ftting – guiding the agricultural machinery with GPS;
2. The technology of variable norms;
3. Mapping of yield;
4. Remote detection;
5. Geo-information system (processing and data analysis).

Precise ftting of the passage today is the most widespread technique in the domain of precision agriculture. In the past, there were numerous solutions that were supposed to solve the problem of overlapping rows and / or obstructions during mechanization work. With the rapid development of new technologies, conditions have been created to solve this problem in an economically cost-efective manner. Regardless of the technique of precision agriculture, the technology that is unavoidable and integral part of all techniques is called GPS technology.

The GPS system on our tractor allows you to perfectly cultivate the land without the man factor infuence. With this system, the tractor becomes self-driving, operated automatically. This system makes the job easier and efective because it is difcult to imagine that the operator can remain focused all day and work efectively. Our vision is that besides a tractor, that is computer controlled, we have an additional tool carrier that is operated in two axes. These two axes are up and down and left-right in relation to the tractor itself. With such controlled tool carrier, we get the precisely controlled implements on the tractor to the plants. Controlling only by turning and adjusting the speed of the tractor is not enough for us because it cannot achieve sufcient accuracy. With our controlling system (tractor control + tool carrier control) we achieve exceptional precision.

The combination of a Fobro tractor with the tool carrier that is automatically operated in two axes gives you a lot of advantages and savings in comparison to the vehicle steering only. The side shift frame is steered by the PSR SONIC ultra sound sensors from Reichhardt. The ultra sound sensors are scanning rows or plants and steer the side shift frame along the plants. Some advantages and savings are as follows:
Precision sowing

With GPS technology there are no mistakes in this process. Rows are very precise and field use is complete.
It can save the use of fertilizer up to 30% by bringing the fertilizer only to the place where the plants really needed.
Cultivation of land
Fully automatic guidance will greatly ease and speed up the job.
Reduces the possibility of error and relieves the tractor operator.
For the plants protection, spraying is made in much more precise and fast way. By this system there is no additional
waste of the chemicals and therefore the environment is more protected.
The development of the GPS guide system was realized in cooperation with the company geo-konzept.
With joint cooperation, we succeeded in perfecting the device for GPS guidance and bringing
the control systems to perfection. The touch-panel that is installed is TOPCON X35 and it is intended for the most
demanding and most up-to-date operations.
Combined steering with GPS and ultra sound:
• The FobroMobil D49 is hydraulic retrotted with a RTK steering system Topcon X35;
• The side shift frame is steered by the PSR SONIC ultra sound sensors from Reichhardt.

Product details

Engine: 4-cylinder Kubota 49 HP
Traction drive: hydrostatic
Length: 3,200 mm
Width: 1,770 mm
Wheelbase: 2,250 mm
Centre space for attachments: 1,400 mm
Track width: 1,500 – 1,800 mm or 1’800 – 2’100 mm
Tare weight/permissible laden weight: 1,300 kg /2,100 kg
Tyres: 6.00 – 16/ 8.3-24 AS

Standard equipment

  • Overhead safety frame
  • Choice of track widths (150, 160, 170 and 180 cm)
  • Multi-function joystick with speed control
  • Continuously variable hydraulic drive from 0.2 to 20 km/h on 3 acceleration curves
  • Easy turning management (fixed)
  • Power steering
  • Deutz 3-cylinder diesel engine 46 HP oil/air cooled
  • Pre-prepared front and rear hydraulics
  • Diesel and fuel tank each with 50 ltr capacity, with sight glass
  • Built-in toolbox
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Differential lock
  • Hydraulics with three-point mounting in the space between the axles, cat. I+II with mech. Upper link 800 kg
  • Acoustic insulation on the engine bonnet
  • Rear tyres 8.3-24 AS, front tyres 6.0.16, 0.2 up to 20 km/h
  • 1x double-acting hydraulic connection in the space between the axles
  • 1x double-acting hydraulic engine connection at the front
  • Electric switch and connection socket for 12 V front and rear, switched in parallel (for a motorised drive, e.g. manure spreader)
  • Ground clearance: 65 cm (other values on request)


Ideal for

Use of all sowing and cultivating equipment for bed cultivation and field cultivation.

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