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Valid until 31/07/2018

The equipment carrier with the innovative concept of overhead frame combines on one hand the very clear view of working tools. On the other hand, the concept allows installing the existing devices without modification (3-point disassembly) in the space between the axes.

The most important features of the FOBRO mobile are the effortless and 100% open view of the unit between the axes as well as the high level of work accuracy.

The desired devices can be mounted in the front or in the rear, as well as in the space between the axes, as needed. With less manual work and greater accuracy, profitability is optimized.

The best equipment carrier for special cultures

✔ Mounting in front, rear and in the space between the axes

✔ 100% free view

✔ Complex and versatile, a real mobile caregiver

✔ Digital speed display

✔ Weather protection

Our offer

FOBRO Mobil D46-START equipment carrier

Standard equipment:

– Secure overhead framework
– Modular track (150, 160, 170 and 180cm)
– Continuous hydraulic drive up to 20 km / h
– Joystick with 2 lifting and lowering switches
– Power steering
– 4-cylinder diesel engine
– Preparation of front and rear hydraulic circuits
– Diesel and oil tanks with capacity of 50L each, with optical fuel gauge
– Integrated Toolbox
– Integrated hydraulic oil cooler
– Differential lock
– Hydraulic system between axes with three-point mounting, Cat I + II with 800kg top linkage
– Soundproof hood
– Rear tires 8.3-24 AS, front 6.0.16, 0.2
– 1x hydraulic coupling with double effect between the axes
– 1x double-acting engine coupling at the front
– Electrical switch and connector for 12V for front and rear, connected in parallel
(For an engine drive, for example a fertilizer spreader)
– Ground clearance: 65cm (other available on request)


– Sunroof D46 composed of a white roof covering (membrane), slightly translucent
– Lift mechanism (rear)
800 kg, with floating position, including Cat. I + II
– Driving light set in compliance with the rules of the road

At the incredible price of only 39 900 CHF/ 36 280 €

Strong drive:

Strong motor drive (for sloped terrain)

– More powerful pump

– more powerful main monitor

Supplement during promotion 3 200.00 CHF / 2 910.00 €


LED lighting


-with 3 LED lights

Supplement during promotion 1800.00 CHF / 1 620.00 €


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